Strategic Advisory Commitee

The committee assists and advises the Board on strategic direction, business plans, management of risks, policy change, priority areas and topics.

It has currently 10 members: Pierre Lépinoy, Ignacio Aguillo, Razi Amin, Gary Howes, Terry Irwin, Corinne Lewis-Reynier, Dr Thomas Meyer, Andrea Perona, Michael Schwarz and Joachim Treyer.


Ignacio Aguillo

Ignacio Aguillo is a former investment banker, turned adviser to sports clubs in Spain, France and India.

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Razi Amin

Razi Amin has 25+ years of experience at major international financial institutions in sourcing, structuring, distributing and investing in structured and straight credit products, including high yield and distressed assets, across the U.S., Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

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Gary Howes

Gary Howes is a commercial lawyer whose many years of experience are used as a sounding board by general counsel and senior level executives. He has worked on transactions across the globe from firms in the UK and New Zealand.

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Terry Irwin

Terry Irwin is a portfolio non-executive director, strategic board advisor and business mentor with extensive experience in the corporate sector in both developed and emerging markets.

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Corinne Lewis-Reynier

Corinne Lewis-Reynier brings 23 years of Asset Management experience in Fixed Income markets with specialist knowledge of the short end as a portfolio manager and product strategist to institutional investors.

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Dr. Thomas Meyer

Dr. Thomas Meyer is a recognised expert in the development of risk measurement models, cash-flow forecasting and asset allocation models, investment strategies for private equity funds, funds-of-funds and institutional investment programmes.

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Andrea Perona

Andrea is a former structured finance banker turned renewable energy investor and entrepreneur.

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Michael Schwarz

Michael has more than 20 years’ experience in IT, as a consultant and as a successful entrepreneur, both in software and networks, with an expertise in cybersecurity and cybercriminality.

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Joachim Treyer

Joachim is a 20-year veteran in the consulting industry, with an entrepreneurial and international outlook, having hands-on experience on both technical and economic aspects of IT, making him one of the industry experts in IT costs management.

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Pierre Lepinoy
Chairman of the Strategic Advisory Committee

Pierre Lépinoy is a current Board Member of EuroDéfense-France and a guest editorialist for the private think-tank iFRAP. He is a former investment banker, having specialised in portfolio management, and asset and liability management.

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